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Life At Pinewood Manor


Pinewood Manor supplies toilet tissue, soap, and clean linen (towels and sheets). Personal items we encourage each resident to bring include:
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrushes
  • deodorant
  • powder
  • shampoos
  • combs
  • brushes
  • shaving supplies
  • makeup
A home atmosphere is encouraged. Residents are encouraged to fix up their rooms as long as space permits; favorite chairs, television, radio, bedspread, pictures, etc.

Laundry Services

Pinewood Manor offers a complete laundry service for the residents. It is very important for clothes to be marked with the Resident’s name with a non-washable ink marker pen. This will ensure that clothes will be returned to the proper Resident. The main cause of lost laundry items are improper markings/labeling. From time to time laundry can get lost. Laundry is performed for 100 residents. If an item is lost, please report this to housekeeping and they will do their best to find the item. Residents have a choice of the facility doing their laundry or having their laundry done outside the facility at their own expense.

Trust Fund

Pinewood Manor is not responsible for lost dentures, glasses, cash, or other personal items. For convenience, the Residents’ money can be safeguarded in the business office in the trust fund. Residents can retrieve their money any day of the week from 9am to 5pm.
A quarterly statement will be sent to the Resident of the balance of their personal funds account (trust fund).

Care Plan Meetings

Residents’ and/or their designated Durable Power of Attorney (DPA) are invited to participate with their care. Care plan meetings are held quarterly and as needed for each Resident. In this meeting, Department Heads meet to discuss each Resident’s medical plan and make adjustments, if needed, and take suggestions from the Resident and/or DPA. A date and time will be given to each Resident when their care plan meeting will occur. The date and time can be changed for the convenience of the Resident and/or DPA.


Residents should secure items of great value. Money, fine jewelry, or other similar items can be stored in the business office. These items can be retrieved upon request. Pinewood Manor does not assume responsibility for items left in Residents’ rooms which are not locked and stored.

Planned Leave

Nights that can be spent out of the facility depend on payment sources. Individuals which are private pay have unlimited nights out. Medicaid Residents are allowed 8 nights per calendar year on Medicaid’s expense. Medicaid Residents can have additional nights at their own expense. Medicaid does not limit time out during the day. Medicare does not recognize and planned leave out of the facility. Please inform the nurse on duty and sign out when you are leaving. There is a sign in and sign out chart at the nurses’ station. Medication may be released to you for the time you are out of the facility.

Hospital Admission And Bed Holding

If you are hospitalized, bed holding at Pinewood Manor also depends on your payment source. Private pay residents are expected to continue to make payments to the facility to reserve the nursing home bed. For Medicaid recipients, Medicaid will make payment to hold the nursing home bed for 7 nights. After 7 nights the resident is expected to make payment to hold the nursing home bed. For Medicare patients, Medicare does not have any bed hold provisions for hospitalized residents. If residents are also eligible for Medicare and Medicaid they can receive the Medicaid 7 nights of bed hold. If not eligible for Medicaid the Medicare resident is expected to make payment to reserve the nursing home bed while hospitalized.

Beauty And Barber Shop 

A fully licensed Beautician comes to the facility on a regular basis. Residents may purchase services at the time of their visit. Permanents, haircuts, shampoos, and sets are available at personal costs.
A licensed barber comes once per month. This is also an expense to the resident or family.


Soft drinks and snack machines are in the dining room. Shopping trips to town are made weekly. You may go or place an order.


Televisions are permitted in the rooms. Provisions for cable can be made at the cable company at the resident’s expense. Please be considerate of other residents when you use your television.


Pinewood Manor offers a wide range of activities. You are encouraged to participate in as many activities as you desire. They include:
  • outings
  • picnics
  • church services
  • senior citizens club meetings
  • parties and socials
  • arts and crafts
  • bingo
  • movies
  • fishing trips
  • exercise
  • and more!

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